"Tu tinh cung cai Dep III” has officially returned with the non-stop heat.
This is a useful playground, an opportunity for students to show their talents, bravery and creativity; ignite the passion, love for literature and art; at the same time, it creats an environment for exchange and learning, contributes to personality education and innovates teaching methods of Literature, improves students' literary appreciation capacity.
This is a meaningful program in a series of activities to celebrate the school's 6th anniversary. With the companionship and coordination between the Division of Literature and the units, clubs in the school, "Tu tinh cung cai Dep III” promises to bring many surprises and attraction from the classes. What does "Tu tinh cung cai Dep III” have? The program consists of 5 sections with diverse formats including:
- Literary work introduction contest
- Composing poetry, paintings, composing and performing songs about the author, literary works...
- Literary model creation contest (character simulation, setting, ...)
- Making short animation about literary works
- Character costume design contest with the theme "Tu tinh cung cai Dep"
Through the competition, students can develop habit of reading, think creatively, develop language, intelligence and emotions, and practice self-study, self-research and working skills. group, communication…. Time of online competition: from January 12 to March 1, 2022