Study programs

I. Academic Programme

The High School of Educational Sciences harmoniously applies the framework program of the Ministry of Education and Training along with value-added training contents, with three core subjects of Mathematics, Science, and English. The school develops clubs which aims to optimize students' strengths, create a modern and civilized learning environment.

1. Clubs for Gifted students: STEM Club, Creative Ideas Club, Marketing Club, Robotic Club, Basketball Club, Football Club, Basketball Club, Table Tennis Club, Martial Arts Club, Music Club, Dance Club, Club Media, Fashion Club, MC-Rhetoric Club, Creative Arts Club.

2. Intensive English Program: with international standard classes aiming for qualified students take SAT, A-Level, IELTS examinations to prepare for college and university education programs according to international standards.

3. Olympic and Scientific Research: For outstanding students in all subjects and applied sciences taking the national and international examinations.

4. Citizenship Education Program: Fostering and promoting national pride for each HES student.

5. Learning Support Center: This is an interactive and supportive environment of the students at University of Education for HES students.



HES maintain and develop movements, giving students more confidence when participating in union activities


Keep the best memories of HES