Principal's Message

The High school of Education Sciences (HES), as part of the University of Education, Vietnam National University applies the model of a high quality practical school of education. Founded in 2016 with the tradition of over 100 years of Vietnam National University, the school is one of the three high schools of highquality in the system (together with HUS High School for Gifted students - University of Science and Foreign Language Specialized School ​​- University of Languages and International Studies).

HES has the mission of producing high quality human resources and cultivate talents by applying educational advances, actively contributing to the reform of the public education system and effectively implementing scientific findings in high school contexts.

Apart from academic teaching, HES also offers theme events as well as extra-curricular activities to equip students with transferable skills, boost their self-esteem and promote cooperative spirit for them to enjoy their time at school. As an international, dynamic and open school, HES conserves the standards of a Vietnamese state high school while striving itself to follow the most up- to- date educational methodology which focuses on student-led learning, promoting learning autonomy and enriching the curriculum with advances in educational and technological sciences. The school also places high emphasis on its external relations, through meeting with national and international partners to exchange knowledge in order to improve educational practices towards becoming a regionally recognized high school.

Wih the investment from the University of Education, Vietnam National University together with the cooperation and facilitation from organizations within and outside Vietnam National University, HES is believed to develop vigorously and make great contributions to the mission of educating and cultivating talents for the country.


HES maintain and develop movements, giving students more confidence when participating in union activities


Keep the best memories of HES