The High school of Education Sciences (HES), as part of the University of Education, Vietnam National University applies the model of a high quality practical school of education.

HES has the mission of producing high quality human resources and cultivate talents by applying educational advances, actively contributing to the reform of the public education system and effectively implementing scientific findings in high school contexts.

HES hopes to solve the shortcomings of general education - things that HES may struggle to renew the problem of foreign languages, skills, initiative, or other vital social skills through set of different yet specific programs to create a new generation of independent, creative students.

1. Internationally-oriented education

Standing in the ranks of 3 high-quality training units - Hanoi National University, HES has many advantages in implementing international-oriented training programs; thereby equipping students with the best equipment to access international standard university programs in Vietnam, study abroad or become a global citizen.

2. Intensive Maths - Sciences - English courses

The curriculum at HES will turn Math, Science, and English into an outstanding strength of HES students. Intensive Math and English lessons using a bilingual curriculum and foreign teachers will help students achieve a high level of language proficiency. All HES students have access to the smart classroom system and are taught how to use this tool to become an effective learning tool. The business subject is supplemented from the British high school program to help students familiarize themselves with and have basic knowledge about economics, business, and personal financial management.

3. Counseling department of school psychology and career orientation

Students are acquainted with project implementation skills through the School's educational methods. Students will be able to implement projects to learn about many different professions in society, combined with thematic tours, activities, and talks. This information will help the children have access to and make a decision on the future careers that suit them the most.

4. Individualized education method

The comprehensive personal development program, with special attention to physical, mental, cultural, personal skills, study skills, community skills. School-based testing and assessment systems will help classify students; From there, the school will have its own supplementary programs for them, such as advanced training for exceptional students and basic training for students with poor performances.

5. Semi-boarding environment, forging independence

With a closely supervised semi-boarding model, students have the opportunity to be trained in discipline, conscience, and integrity. This is an ideal environment for students to practice self-reliance and teamwork; therefore, they have become more mature and mature in life, ready for the later stages of studying abroad or being away from family.



HES maintain and develop movements, giving students more confidence when participating in union activities


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