The grand finale of the Metanoia English Speech Contest unfolded dramatically on December 28, 2023, at the High School of Education Sciences, the Vietnam National University, Hanoi Urban Area, Hoa Lac campus.




"Metanoia," symbolizing the transformative journey of reshaping perceptions, emotions, and lifestyles, highlights that English is not only just a tool but also a means for mental training, changing worldviews, and transcending personal boundaries. 

 Notably, this year's contest was part of the experiential education festival "The First Spring." Centered around the theme of "Word Tour," this year's Metanoia showcased the talent of eight exceptional finalists, navigating through rigorous ‘Presentation’ and ‘Personal Eloquence’ rounds. These contestants captivated the jury with their sharp arguments and profound insights into the  interconnectedness between tourism, culture, and the environment.

With Vietnamese and British university lecturers from Hanoi University and the British University of Vietnam on the panel, the jury faced the challenge of selecting four winners from a pool of exceptionally talented candidates at HES.

The winners were announced as follows:

First Prize: Le Do Hai Dang, 11A9

Second Prize: Tran Thuy Duong, 11D4

Third Prize: Nguyen Quynh Chi, 11D3

Encouragement Award: Phạm Ngọc Linh, 11A9

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The Metanoia 2023 finale concluded with a mix of joy and reflection. The admirable trait shown by the contestants was their resilience, courage, and confidence in facing challenges. Beyond the moments of anxiety, disappointment, or jubilation, lies a significant growth in knowledge, thinking patterns, and life perspectives.

As we extend our heartfelt wishes to all candidates and students of HES, we look forward to many more valuable experiences akin to this transformative journey of Metanoia. May each individual embrace their personal evolution- a quest for increased awareness, emotional maturity, and a more enriched life.