The first day of Heser's Day 2022 - "Welcome back to school" took place successfully. The show made a lot of unforgettable impressions and emotions on each student.

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Students were eager for their first meeting days together, got engaged into positive educational activities, with soft and deep songs and vibrant and passionate dances.

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Students, in particular, joined in intriguing lessons in classes filled with excitement to connect, share, and understand one another. The new school year is about to start. Wishing you are all happy, passionate about research and discovery on your journey of dominating and conquering knowledge. Heser's Day 2022 is not over yet.

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We'll see you guys tomorrow for a bunch of activities: Flashmob and Teambuilding for the youngest - K7s. Our school will have some imperfect points during the two days of welcoming students back to school. But we will try to overcome and improve to bring many happy learning days to the new school year 2022-2023.