Under the gentle sunlight of May, High School of Education Sciences solemnly held the Graduation Ceremony of the school year 2021-2022 in order to look back on the journey we have walked past, as well as to acknowledge and glorify what we have achieved despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

 MG 4224

 MG 4314

Ban phụ huynh tri ân BGH Nhà trường

 MG 4284

The formal and warm atmosphere of the ceremony has brought various emotions to us. Hope that all Hesers will have a summer full of happiness, excitement and helpfulness to conquer new achievements in the future.

 MG 4369

 MG 4350

Tuyên dương, khen thưởng những học sinh có thành tích xuất sắc

 MG 4237

Giai điệu ngọt ngào của các thành viên CLB Âm nhạc

 MG 4325

CLB Dance làm nóng sân khấu