Dear HESers! The journey of experiencing "Hanoi’s cultural space in Hoa Lac's heart" has already ended in a flow of emotions full of deposition, nostalgia for the traditional culture of the land of thousands of years of civilization.

 MG 1073


With diverse content as well as many topics: History of Hanoi through names, Architecture, Culture, Hanoi in memory, Education has inspired many creative motivations for students in the process of designing class camp literally unique, attractive with its own considerable cachet and color of each class.


The camp program has left a mark in the hearts of attendees with beautiful memories of Hanoi's culture, especially this is an interesting experience for the Z generations to have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a space of nostalgic time with traditional cultural elegance.



 MG 1660

The enthusiasm and vigor for participating in activities have not only supported HESers to have valuable experiences, expand their knowledge in many fields such as culture, architecture, and education but also develop classes’ solidarity. The organizing committee hopes that these will be beautiful memories in the youth journey of each HES student.