As we grow older, our perceptions of the world constantly shift. That shift is a journey of many twists and turns, many obstacles looking to stand in our way. The hardships and drawbacks are inevitable. But undeniably, those experiences are crucial in helping us open the doors to knowledge and giving us a more refreshed perspective on life.
Under the guidance and company of the teachers in Foreign Language Department of HES, the E.E.C - English Enthusiasts Club is very privileged to become one of the primary organizers of “Metanoia 2021”. Entering this contest means embarking on a new journey where you can dive deep into the fundamentals and discover new values along the way. The contest was born with the aim of bringing memorable experiences as well as being a place where its contestants can build on their debate skills, their ability to assess problems from multiple angles, and expand their wealth of practical knowledge. The annual debate competition of HES has officially started, HESers are you ready?