On the morning of 14/4/2023, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh had a visit and worked with VNU in Hoa Lac.

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The students had the opportunity to communicate and plant trees with the Prime Minister with the aim of creating a Green - Clean - Beautiful VNU urban. Thanks to this activity, the Prime Minister has taught the students the importance of protecting the environment and taught the scholars how to love and treasure the surroundings. 


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Especially, the Prime Minister gave the students words of encouragement and motivation, which stimulated them to study harder to achieve success in the near future. Besides that, the Prime Minister has a tour of HES’s facilities in Hoa Lac with activities in some clubs: MAC, Music Club, Dance Club, Media Club, Football Scul, Basketball Club, etc. Teachers and officials from HES believe that the visit of the Prime Minister will have positive effects on not only the HES collective but also on VNU

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