It's been two years since Covid-19 first made its appearance and our daily lives have changed permanently since then. We have gone through many sleepless nights watching for news of an unseen enemy that threatens every resource, especially the survival of mankind. 

We've gone through bouts of social spacing. How many times we have to adapt to different "new normal" circumstances. We strive to adapt with patience, waiting and hoping every day for a better prospect.65CC658E 0A87 4EFC 9AB0 FF27E44E94C3

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At the High School of Education Sciences, we organized many online talk shows and discussions to share our worries, to help teachers, parents and children balance their emotions during dilation, as well as periods of online learning and working. With the purpose of spreading positive energy we say to one another: "School days will not be far away." But summer went by, so did the school day and the gratitude season. It wasn't until the first day of February that our hopes did come true. 
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Every single student’s face was glowing with happiness on the day of coming back after nine months of stressful online studying, despite the fact that their teachers and students only look at each other through masks.

And the worries and stressful situations that are beyond all the calculations are the realities reflected in our daily lives. 
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To reassure the parents when letting their kids go back to school; to create the students a safe and sound environment right at the first moment of setting foot in school, every teacher and school staff of the High School of Education Sciences had adherently set up the facilities and arranged school busses, and safeguarding students’ well-being. The whole team was present to welcome their beloved pupils, prepared for every emergency. From the early morning till late night, our teachers kept up-to-date on the health of the students and encouraged them to take a break in face-to-face study to monitor their health at home. Besides preparing for the lessons, they are worried about the students' physical and mental state. In these February days, we not only saw from the podium, from a screen of teachers explaining a mathematical equation, showing the beauty of a physical phenomenon, the fun of a chemical formula, or the creative idea from a poem, but also the love of the second parent; the toughness against any difficulties; the resilience against any anguish and fear; especially the scorching belief in life.

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Because teachers are just little people, they are also the ones who suffer from the pandemic. Behind them is a family of young and old people to care for, which has added pressure these days. However, as teachers who understand the importance of the school environment in the development of our students, we make every effort to keep this school open. This is the first step in adapting to the new circumstances and returning to "normal" life for pupils. In our fight against this unseen enemy, we cannot retreat, we cannot flee, we can only face them and overcome together.

Please express your worries, and thank you for the parents' support at the High School of Education Sciences. Thank you, students, for staying strong alongside the teachers.

Thank you for the entire HES team's unity, efforts, and determination.

All to the smiles and happy eyes of the students on the court!

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