Warmest Greetings from BUV!

As we continue progress through our IELTS courses, students have also had the ability to expand their knowledge and skillsets via a glimpse of the journey with our key life workshops. These workshops work in harmony with the IELTS content, providing students the language and tools for an increasingly globalised and connected future. With workshops on Emotional Intelligence, students have been exploring key ideas related to navigating their current and future goals. We also had our midterm examinations, ensuring students get detailed insight and feedback into their progress on the IELTS components. Please feel free reach out and raise any feedback or queries to teachers on the mid-term tests so that you could be fully aware of your learning performance for future improvements.

On the occasion of coming Christmas and New Year 2023, BUV would like to wish you all the most joyful festive seasons and growing success in your IELTS learning journey.

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