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Within the framework of a long - term cooperation between the High School of Education Sciences (HES) and the British University Vietnam (BUV), on October 30, a ceremony was held to announce BUV's cooperation scholarships for twelfth-graders at the High School of Education Sciences.

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Accordingly, in the academic year 2021-2022, the British University Vietnam offer 5 scholarships with a total value of 1,445,157,000 VND to excellent candidates from the High School of Education Sciences - an increase of 20% of the scholarship value compared to the academic year 2020 - 2021. The aforementioned scholarships includes one75% scholarship, one 60% scholarship, two 40% scholarships,and one 30% scholarship for 5 excellent students in K12 this school year.


This is a huge encouragement and honor, as well as a valuable opportunity for HES's talented students to approach and be able to grow up in an advanced and internationally standardized learning environment following the innovative educational model from the United Kingdom. 
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Furthermore, experienced lecturers from British University Vietnam enthusiastically shared and guided HES students strategies to write unique personal statements and essaysto successfullyimpress the Scholarship Review Board. These are very valuable sharing and experiences, helping the students of HES get closer to the opportunity to receive prestigious and competitive scholarships from British University Vietnam as well as from other well-knownuniversities both domestically and overseas.


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